“The Game gives you a Purpose. The Real Game is, to Find a Purpose.”
― Vineet Raj Kapoor

My Latest Devlogs


  • Lost-Dunes
    Treasure improved/Leveling/Tip animation fixed Treasure improved, now it can take quest items to be opened, and takes certain levels to […]
  • Lost-Dunes
    Treasure/Gold SoundEfft/Tutorial Treasure prefabs added, can easily add tresure and set what is in it, it also remembers if it […]
  • Lost-Dunes
    New Dialogue System, Models, Devlog New DIalogue System implemented, Tutorial almost finished, Nour’s Market close to being done new devlog
  • Devlog #2
    AI! Pig AI added for farms and this can be easily modified for other animals and enemies! More pictures taken […]
  • Lost-Dunes
    Pigs! Pigs modeled, rigged, animated, and NavMesh