Shadow Island

Devlog #0

Project Started on 1/20/2020


You must find your friend who never contacted home after going to Shadow Island to find his missing brother who shipwrecked there weeks ago. Rescuers won’t go there because of the thick fog. He told you he would set up camp in the center of the island. He also said he would be back after two weeks after leaving. You also shipwreck there and start feeling sick after being in the dark, you break out your flashlight and find your friend’s campfire. You find it with unlit and you go light it with a lighter in your pocket, When you light it you pass out on the ground. You must find a way to get off the island and find the source of the dangerous shadow.


Wood is the currency in this game. You obtain wood by making the lumber mill, which is powered by a waterwheel. You can upgrade your wood production with more wood. To leave the island, you must make the boathouse and then the boat but, you have to find the source of the shadows to leave. When you first turn on the campfire, your safe radius will be just around the lumber mill area. You can see where the safe radius ends by a red line on the perimeter and a red dome if you leave. When you leave the safe radius, you will start to lose health. When you enter the safe radius, your health will go up. Lanterns on the island’s path will light up as you upgrade your campfire. (Might disable them)

Lumber mill:

The lumber mill has a stack of logs on the left side when facing the front. It also has a working waterwheel and saw that is cutting a log continuously. There is a chair and table with a lantern on top to the right when facing the entrance.


The boathouse has a stone structure with two bays for two boats (you can only make one). It also has a wood roof and lanterns in a hole in the wall.

Cave Entrance:

is a dark cave on the back side of the mountain on the island that can be entered.


A dark cave lit up by fire on the walls. (Leads to the lab)






  • Story Aspect Completed
  • Player Movement Completed
  • Player Flashlight Completed
  • Lumber Mill 3D model Completed
  • Boathouse 3D model Completed
  • Boat 3D model Completed
  • Crashed Boat 3D model Completed
  • Island Ground 3D model Completed
  • Island Trees 3D models Completed
  • Build Lumber Mill, Boathouse, Campfire, Boat identifiers completed.
  • Upgrade Campfire and Lumber Mill identifiers Completed
  • Fire Shield completed
  • Bridge 3D model completed
  • Underwater Effect Completed
  • Health bar completed
  • Post-processing completed
  • Low Poly water completed
  • Leave island script completed
  • Cave Entrance & Cave 3D model completed
  • World Boundaries Completed
  • Bush 3D models completed
  • Health decay completed
  • Wood Count Completed

To Do:

  • Make Laboratory 3D Model
  • Source of Shadows Secret
  • Sub
  • Skeletons
  • Path Lanterns (Might not do)
  • Starting Animation
  • Ending Animation
  • Fog
  • And other mechanics.


Image of camp without low poly water, fog, darkness, sky. (Taken in Blender)
The underwater effect using fog effects. (Taken in Unity)
The cave. The door can have some work done on it. (Taken in Blender)
Blender Cinematic of the cave. The door needs to be worked on still.

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