Lost Dunes

Early Access Release On January 1st

My Plans For Early Access Release On January 1st

Only 94 days until the early access release of Lost Dunes! I was planning to release the entire game on Jan. 1st 2021 but the plans for the game keep getting bigger and bigger. As of right now the map is split up into districts. As can be seen here, 

The district getting released on Jan 1st is the Western District because that is where the player starts. The Western District will have about 3 hours of content, including places such as Nour’s Market, The Anubis Black Market, Kay’s Oasis, The Graveyard, and many more! Many secret places will be available to discover as well.

As of right now, I’m working on more quests and increasing performance. On a GTX 1070 ti at 1440p and all settings at high, it can run at about 180 fps.


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